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Gillian B. Eckler

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Position : Partner


Gillian became a partner in 2008, and her practice focuses on insurance defence litigation with an emphasis on products liability, coverage issues, personal injury and general negligence. Gillian has attended trial both in the Federal Court of Canada and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. She has also appeared in various levels of Court including the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Ontario Divisional Court.


In recent years, Gillian has participated in two lengthy inquests one of which examined the use of force exercised by private security guards during arrests. The jury's recommendation in the Patrick Shand Inquest ultimately led to the amendments to the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act which came into effect in August of 2007.

Education & Awards


Gillian received her B.A.H. in History from Queen's University where she appeared on the Dean's List and graduated with First Class distinction.


Gillian obtained her LL.B from the University of Toronto and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1999.



While attending Queen's University Gillian obtained several awards, including the Dean's Special Award and the Ambassador of Switzerland Award. At the University of Toronto Law School, Gillian obtained several mooting awards.

Lectures & Publications


Gillian is a frequent speaker at the Dutton Brock seminar and has presented road show seminars to institutional clients on issues such as litigation privilege.



Halsbury's Laws of Canada, Contributor - Lexis Nexis Canada, 2008


Professional Indemnity, Contributor - Butterworths - Barristers & Solicitors in Practice, 2003


The Ontario Court of Appeal Confirms That There Is No Higher Standard of Care for Grocery Stores - Pulse, 2007


Where Is The Threshold Now - Insight Seminar, Update 2006


What to Expect Under the New Costs Grid - Dutton Brock Seminar, 2003


Bad Faith in the Context of Disability Claims - Dutton Brock Seminar, 2001


Structured Settlements - When Will the Court Order a Gross Up? - Canadian Defence Lawyers Annual Conference, 2000


Mild Closed Head Injuries and Psychological Disabilities: Important Considerations for Trial - The Defence Perspective - The Canadian Institute, 2000


Offers to Settle - Rule 49 and 57 of the Rules of Civil Procedure - The Canadian Bar Association, 2000


Defending a Child's Claim - Dutton Brock Seminar, 2000

Memberships & Associations

Gillian is a member of:



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Community Involvement

Gillian contributes to the legal community by contributing to various publications including Halsbury's Laws of Canada, Butterworths Barristers and Solicitors in Practice, WP and Pulse.

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